Above all else, I love performing for your students!  This is what I was born to do and I believe my reputation speaks for itself.

I have developed a program that is not only extremely exciting and engaging for ALL students AND teachers, but it is educational, inspirational and incorporates so many positive character traits and behaviors along the way.

Students will leave the assembly excited and ready to try something new with new found energy and positivity.  Teachers will leave the assembly astonished at how involved each and every student was during the full assembly.  Both will enjoy the presentation equally - for different reasons.

I travel year round, and am limited to only a few days in each area of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and England.  Please see the calendar to see when and if I will be near you.  Please don't feel that you cannot submit a request, many times I will be able to make an adjustment to fit in nearby schools or events.  With that being said my availability is very limited but I will do everything in my power to accommodate each and every request. 

You can visit my facebook page at  to see reactions and comments from recent audience members.  This should give you a good feel for how the assembly is received by teachers, students, and parents.

Pricing varies depending on travel expenses etc.  Please contact me directly for a quote in your area.